Autumn leaves

I love autumn (erm… fall? Not sure whether to be American or Brittish here…). I love the autumn colours, the autumn chill, and just the autumn life really. Staying inside under a blanket with a cuppa hot chocolate (with marshmallows… ermahgerd), lighting the fairy lights and scented candles with a good book (preferably something by Stephen King) under a warm blanket is not something I’d say no to.

So yeah, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to autumn. Photography is one of my favorite hobbies so naturally I had to go outside to capture some of the amazing stuff, ya know.



Although autumn is wonderful in my opinion, I do sure miss the summer warmth (and the summer holiday, yikes, do I miss that!). Sure, we now have christmas to look forward to (and yes it is officially allowed to be excited for christmas, kay??) but after christmas there is just a bunch of months where everything is just grey that I’m not looking forward too. So I wouldn’t mind it being summer soon again, because I am freezing quite a lot. Maybe I should go get that blanket now…

Well, that was my need for rambling sorted out, haha! Btw, I’m thinking of maybe doing an outfit post soon? Although that does mean that I’ll have to put toghether a decent-looking look, but ey-yo, I’ll manage to scrape up something!

See ya next time!

End of tea-time ^^

*clink clink*


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