Licorice-fudge pies

Hi there baking-peeps! Today I have something special I’d like to share with you! A recipe! Woop woop! So, since I’m a licorice maniac I just had to bake something licorice-y, you know? So let’s dive straight into it!

Firstly, the ingredients! You will need (for apr. 8 mini-pies)DSC07741

For the shortcrust pastry:

200 grams of cold butter

1 1/4 deciliters of sugar

5 deciliters of wheat flour

For the licorice-fudge:

150 grams of butter

1 deciliter of sugar

1 deciliter of golden syrup

1 deciliter of whipped cream (just not… whipped, you know?)

1 tablespoon of cacao-powder

1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar

1 tablespoon of licorice-granules

For the blueberry-meringue

Egg-white from 2 eggs

100 grams of sugar

35 grams of water

50 grams of blueberry-puré (you can make your own by grinding fresh and frozen blueberrys together!)

So yeah, now to the recipe!

Firstly, you dice the butter for your shortcrust pastry and mix it with the sugar in a bowl.DSC07745DSC07747

Then add the flour and ”pinch” until it looks something like this:

Then put the pastry into a plastic bag and put to rest (wow that sounded morbid) in your fridge (Or erhm, any fridge I guess? Ask for permission first if it’s not your fridge, ‘kay?). Leave it there for about an hour!

When the pastry is all well rested (lol) then turn your oven on to 185 C° /365F°. Then grease your pie-cases (I used plain alumium forms!). Then roll out your pastry and put it into the cases/forms/whatever. Then make tiny holes in the pastry with a fork, so that it won’t blow up! Then bake the pastries for 10-12 minutes and then take out to cool.

Now, on to the fudge! Melt your butter in a pan.DSC07756

Add sugar, syrup, cream (in it’s raw form, before it’s whipped, you know!), cacao, vanilla sugar and licorice granules. Carefully boil until 120 C°/248 F°, and make sure to stirr it every now and then while you boil, so that it doesn´t burn to the pan!DSC07760

Then carefully pour the fudge into the pie-shells (the pastries) and leave to cool. DSC07763

And last but not least: the meringue! This is a rather tricky part, but I’ll guide you trough it! :3 Crack your eggs and seperate the yolk from the white (you’ll only use the whites). Put the whites in a bowl. Then mix sugar, water and the blueberry-puré in a pan. Boil the mix to 110 C°/230 F°. Once the temperature is reached, mix the whites into a firm foam (while still keeping the blueberry-mix boiling!). Then keep on boiling the blueberry-thingy to 121 C°/250F°.DSC07764

Then immediatly pour the blueberry-thing into the fluffy eggwhites and mix together!DSC07767

Then put into a spritsing-bag (or a regular plastic bag that you just cut a hole into) and spritz onto the pies! And then if you wish you may put some licorice-granules and fresh blueberries on top! DSC07768DSC07769

I hope that you like the pies as much as I did! (FYI this is not my recipe, I found it in the book lakrits by Elisabeth Johansson!).

See ya next time! Until then, peace, love and stay safe! ❤

End of teatime!

*clink clink*






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  1. I love your blog, your posts are beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤

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    1. alteat says:

      Hi! Omg Thank you so much, that means a lot to me! I just started following your blog aswell, yeah it would be great fun if we could support each other! 😀


      1. Thank you, you are so sweet! Yes really! 🙂

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