Life and random things

Hi! ‘Sup?

As I’m writing this I’m currently in school, just chilling in the school cafeteria with a friend of mine. I have this huuuuge break every Wednesday from 9 to 12.20 which is kinda slow. But eh, not much you can do about that right? Actually Wednesdays are pretty slow generally in my world. I have school from 8.30 to 16.10, and the weather doesn’t make it any better really, it’s just *sigh* grey and grey and rain and rain *sigh*.

Well, this post didn’t start of very positive did it, haha! Sorry, not my intention to make you all gloomy! Actually I’m in a very good mood today! Although I have a very sweeth tooth at the moment and the smell of cinnamon-rolls coming from the café doesn’t make it any easier! And someone literally just picked up a jar of nutella from their bag…

There is also a couple sitting at the table across from where we sitting, and they just keep snogging and stuff. Don’t you just love it when you’re single and everyone around you seems to have a partner? *Sigh* I need a boyfriend… Any volunteers? I won’t bite, I swear!

Hahah well that was my casual school-observation! Tomorrow every third year – student in Sweden are going to have what we call ‘national tests’ in Sweden, and I’m really hoping it’ll go well! If there’s any one else who’s going to do it, best of luck to you! ^^

Yesterday I finally caught up on the walking dead, I haven’t had the time to watch like the latest three episodes, but ermahgadh it’s so awesome! I actually really enjoy the newest season so far, there’s so many emotions (and me who is a walking box of emotions have cried a lot so far). Another series that I’ve finally started watching is orange is the new black. I know, I’m a bit late to the train (is that how the saying goes?), but it is so good!

Sorry that this post was a bit random, I just felt like blogging a bit today! But I’ll talk to you soon! Bye for now!

End of teatime!

*Clink clink*



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