A day in copenhagen

Hi everyone!

So, I’m back, haha! (”oh no, not her again” I bet you´re thinking). So, this past week’s been rather busy. I shall give you a quick run down, if you’d want to (well, you don’t really have a choice, mwohahah).

Last wednesday, I worked. Yup, I have a job! Such responsible, much money. I work at the fotball stadium where I live, selling hot dogs and such whenever there is a game. It was quite fun actually, considering this weeks game was a champions league – game between Malmö FF and Paris SG. Unfortunatly it ended in loss for Malmö (good game Paris!), but it was fun that we had the upportunity to meet PSG and Zlatan anyways!

That´s me, being interviewed at work, which aired in preperation for the game! I felt like a celebrity :3
This thursday I went to a ”university fair”, where a bunch of universities from around the world (mostly Sweden though) came and told us about their schools etc. There were also a bunch of seminars, I went to one about studying music abroad, which I’m thinking of doing. It was rather interesting actually. But yeah, we’ll see what i’m going to do with my life

Still got a half year of high school left, sooo plenty of time to decide (ehum….) I picked up like every catalogue from every school (which ended up in back pains from carrying them around all day…). After the fair me and some friends went to Emporia, a big shopping mall, and spent a little time there which was very nice! Then, later in the evening me and my mum, brother and grandparents went out to dinner to celebrate my mums birthday! We went to a place called ”eatery social” which apperantly is a Mexican place. The food was very delicious and the place was really cool! (Even though I ran into both my principal and my old math teacher ehehh…).

And then, yesterday (which was saturday), me and my mum went to Copenhagen! It’s sort of a tradition that we have, we usually go there once or twice every year for shopping. So that’s what we did yesterday! It was so, so cozy! They even had a little Christmas market at Højbro Plads, were we went for lunch (and some hot chocolate and crepes, which I can’t live without). And obviously I shopped a little (*cough*alot*cough*) things. I’ve been saving up for this day for a while now, and managed to pick up a few christmas presents aswell!


Lots and lots of people
We ate here :3
The camera focused on the couple in the back… God damnit camera, get your shit toghether!
Sooo pretty lights!
And now I figured I might show you the things I bought. Even though I realized that that ruins the aestethic of this post, but god damnit I just spent nearly 30 minutes taking photos and editing them and I will not let it go to waste, you’ll just have to bare with me!

First thing first (cuz I’m the realest, lol), I bought these from H&M. A Peter Pan collared shirt, a hairband and a pair of over the knee – socks.


Next, from Topshop! I only got one thing from there, but I think It’s so cute! It’s a white t-shirt with a dog coming out of the pocket. Like, ermahgerd it’s so adorbs!

And then from urban outfiters I actually didn’t get that much clothes, I wen’t crazy on the interior and body-stuff instead (not that I’m complaing though, their stuff is amazing!). Firstly I got some fairy lights, tiny tiny little lights attached to a copper wire. And then I got some stuff from anatomicals; a body cleanser that smells like heaven (heaven apperantly smell like rose and jasmin-scented things), and a sleep balm. Even though I’m not an insomniac I definetly have trouble sleeping sometimes (you know, when you can’t get your brain to shut up). Which is why I thought I might as well give that a go! I also got a lip balm, which is rather oddly shaped like a cube (yes, i’ll admit, I purely bought it for the shape and colour). It’s a really good lip balm though, and it smells like blackcurrant which is nice! Lastly I got a long-sleeved striped shirt that has a red collar and is very comfy!

And then there was disney store… Needless to say, I went crazy. I managed to contain myself somewhat but I wouldn’t mind buying the entire store. But I walked out with three ornaments and a stitch cup (stitch is my favorite disney character of all time!). So yeah, pretty pleased with that.


And then makeup-wise I got these bad boys. A highlighter-palette from Sleek in the shade solstice (I think, I suck at makeup-y things), and a beautiful lipstick in the shade F-bomb from Urban Decay! I love them!

Last but not least I picked up these shoes from a store of which the name I can’t remember… But the shoes called for me to buy them, and I obeyed! Plus they were on sale so ^^. They also have a small heel which makes me a bit taller (since I’m only 5’1/156 cm that’s always nice).

And today has been going in the name of christmas, as I have been baking Rocky road fudge and “lussebullar” (a Swedish baking, it’s like a saffron bun!). I’ve also listens to an insane amount of christmas music and watched home alone, so I’m really feeling the christmas vibe! And soon awaits the season finale of the series bron/the bridge and omg I can’t wait! It’s so amazing and full of plot twists and asddgsdffs! 

So yeah, that was it for this post, sorry it’s a long one! I’ll hope to see you soon again!

Are you feeling the christmas vibe yet? 

End of tea-time!

*Clink Clink*


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