Christmas time

Hi everyone!

(Just wanted to let you know that I’m currently still in bed as I’m writing this, it’s sooo comfortable and I like, never want to get up?)

Soo, today it is sunday! The week is at it’s end and tomorrow begins the week of Christmas! I can’t belive it! I’m so excited! (And i just can’t hide it). I also finish school tomorrow which is nice! I was actually supposed to have lessons tomorrow just like an ordinary day but somehow I now have, so I’m just gonna go to school to say goodbye to the teachers and classmates etc. Kinda chill, kinda chill! I don’t start until 13.10 either so I have plenty of time to fix the last christmas presents (whyyy am I so late with christmas presents every year?)

This Tuesday, despite feeling a bit under the weather, I managed to go outside (which is an accomplishment on it’s own) to go see a dear friend of mine whom I haven’t seen since April! We met up at this really cozy place called ”lilla kafferosteriet” for a coffee (or as we call it in Sweden; a ”fika”). They have such delicious things there, and I truly recommend it! I forgot to take a photo before I ate my pain au chocolate and drank my hot chili chocolate, but ey, I enjoyed it at least!IMG_0542

Me and my friend sat and talked for about 3 hours straight before we had to head on home, but I had a really lovely time seeing her again. On my way home I walk by a square called Gustav Adolfs Torg here in Malmö, and they have decorated it all pretty and festive! It was really nice to just stroll there for a bit, admiring the scenery!

This Wednesday nothing really interesting happened, we watched 12 years a slave in English class and o’boy o’boy was it powerful! I’ve seen it once before but didn’t really remember it so much, so seeing it again was truly an eye opener!

Friday was the last real day in school, and I only have two classes on Fridays so it wasn’t exactly tiring haha! After school I met up with my mu, and brother for a coffee (once again, fika is what we Swedes do best). Afterwards I had to rush of because I had to go to an after work party. I felt really special and all grown up going there haha! (Although I admittedly was the youngest person there). They had an entire table filled with sweets and food such as ham and salmon. I just went all OMNOMNOMNOMNOM! I then had to run of from that as well to go to a friend who had her birthday this thursday, so we celebrated her a bit. It was just me, the friend and another friend so it was really chilled and and cozy :3 And once again I got food there so I went OMNOMNOMNOM twice in less than an hour. IMG_0559

Yesterday me and my family went to see my grandparents who live a bit further north and celebrate a bit of christmas with them. I love being at my grandparents place, it gives such a nice calm and relaxed feeling. We ate delicious food (it’s starting to feel as this entire blogpost is about eating…) and me and my brother played a bit of cards. I won most of the times mwohahaha, but my brother blames me for cheating, teehee.

I only remembered to take a picture of the food…


Today, as I’m still lying in bed, I don’t intend on doing much. Play a bit of halo 5, make gingerbread houses, watch some festive movies, and such! I hope that you’re all are having a great december so far! Talk to you real soon!

End of teatime! *Clink clink*


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