T’was the night before christmas…

I can’t even begin to comprehend that tomorrow is christmas… It’s amazing, and Asbdhdhsk am I looking forward to it! I’m gonna spend the day with my mum and her side of the family and then later on me and my brother are going to my dad and celebrate with him! 

Now, I can imagine that some of you are confused about me saying that tomorrow is christmas, but here in Sweden we actually celebrate on the 24th! Usually the tradition (at least in my family) is that the family gathers sometime around noon and maybe sit down for a bit of glögg (mulled wine, sort of), and then we all sit around the tv to watch Donald Duck at 3 o’ clock! Then we have dinner, a buffé which consists of herring, salmon, meatballs, Prince sausages, potatoes, “Janssons frestelse” (a mish mash of shredded potatoe and ansjovis, although I didn’t know it had ansjovis in it until like last year heheh… Still really good though!), and lots of other good stuff! Then santa Claus (yes, THE santa claus!) comes for a visit and hands out the presents for everyone (who’s been nice that is hehe), and after he has left we sit down for ricepudding. In the pot of rice pudding we hide a single almond, and it is said that whoever gets the almond gets married during the coming year! So yeah, christmas is loooooads of fun! And I can’t wait for it! Only one more sleep…

I really do hope that you all are going to have a wonderful christmas! Eat well, enjoy the company and have fun! 

Lots of christmasy hugs to you all! 

End of Teatime!

*clink clink*


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