Christmas success!

So, christmas for me is officially over for this year. Sort of sad when you think about it, but I had a really nice time so it’s okay! I hope that you all had a christmas just as nice, if not even nicer! Or maybe you’re still enjoying your christmas? Might be, I don’t really keep track of the timezones apart from the one which I live in haha… 
But yeah, like I said, I had a really nice day yesterday. Spent it with my mums family in the day and later in the evening I went to celebrate it with my dad, as I thiiiink (not entirely sure) I mentioned in my last post. We had lots of fun, the food was great and Santa even paid a visit! *Woop Woop, presents!*. I received some money and gift cards, a curling iron, a few books (there amongst Zoellas new book Girl online on tour! *Dies of fangirling*) and a keyboard for my iPad, on which I’m currently writing! So definitely satisfied with that! Oh, I also got a body butter from body shop in the scent fuji green tea which I’ve been walking around sniffing all the time. I don’t look wierd at all, noooo…  

Today I also celebrated a bit with my dad, and his girlfriend and her family, which was also very lovely! I love just spending time with people that you love and care about, even though I consider myself an introvert and wouldn’t say no to just spend like a year by my self on my couch, with a laptop in my knee… No but joke aside, in all seriousness I had a great time :3 Oh, and I’ve finally come around to put up those fairylights which I bought in Copenhagen a while back if any of you remember? They look pretty neat!   

 Tomorrow I’m going to the midday sale, and see if I can get some great bargains! I have a few things in mind that I’d like to buy but I’m trying to save my money as much as possible, as I’m going to teneriffe in a couple of days! It’s gonna be like my fourth new year that I celebrate there haha, but the place is really lovely! (Oh, and a quick tip, if you’re ever heading for one of the canary islands I would definitely recommend Lanzarote! Wow, such an amazing Island!). I feel like I’ve said that everything is lovely so far in this post, but I guess I’m just in a really cheerful mood haha! 

Oh well, the clock is closing in on eleven pm, so I think that I’m about the head to the sack. Or, ehm, let’s pretend that I’m gonna do to that. I think that what I’m really going to do is watch guardians of the galaxy, I haven’t seen it in so long and I really like it, definitely one of my favorite Marvel movies! 

So yeah, while I go watch the amazing adventures of rocket raccoon and Groot I hope that you all are having a great time! Bye, love you lots and talk to you soon!

End of teatime! *Clink clink*


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