Back home

Guess who’s back? Back again… (Lolz).

Yeeey, I’m back home in Sweden! Tbh, I dreaded coming home for about the entire week away on vacation. But, coming home wasn’t as bad as I exptected. It might have to do with the fact that there is snow on the ground! Yeeey! I love snow (even though I could do without the cold, so if someone could invent something that would make it snow, whilst it still being warm outside, then I would be more than satisfied). But yeah, in this post I though that I would tell you a bit about my trip to teneriffe! Oh, and prepare to be bombarded by loads and loads of photos!

Day 1 – The travel there

We got up really early, about 4 am. And having gone to bed at around midnight that night made me somewhat of a sleeping zombie. But oh well. We went to the airport and got on our flight to teneriffe, woo! (Lolz no we walked there. Jk). We landed at around 1, local time. We got to our hotel and had lunch, settled in, went for a walk (we’ve stayed at the same hotel four times now so we do already know our way around the area, but it’s still just as pleasant as always haha!). I also got the time to read, and I’m not kidding when I say that I finished reading the entire Girl online on tour by Zoe Sugg in that one day. #ForeverBookworm Then later in the evening we had dinner and then went straight to bed! Being the zombie as I was, the bed and the sandman welcomed me with open, wide arms.DSC08006DSC08019DSC08046DSC08043



Day 2 – Chilling

I don’t recall doing that much this day, we mainly just chilled out by the pool the entire day. I started reading The heroin diaries by Nikki Sixx for the fourth time. It’s one of my favorite rockstar-biographies (a tight runner up is Ozzy Osbournes biography, that one is hilarious and amazing as hell (although, is hell amazing? Idk)). I felt it was sort of the right time to read it aswell, as a homage to the newly passed away Lemmy Kilmister of motorhead, may he rock in peace. We then once again had dinner in the evening (we had buffé every single night, something that I took advantage of and ate as much as possible, omnomnom!)DSC08093DSC08136DSC08104DSC08100DSC08119DSC08124DSC08130

Day 3 – New year

New years eve! Wooo! We spent the day chilling by the pool. I went exercing aswell (pats self on shoulder). I also went down to the beach and took my last dip of the year! And omg the water was so warm! Unfortunatly the waves were prettty big so I didn’t have the courage to stay in for that long, especially not after being knocked over by a big one. But, no regrats maaaan! (If you get that reference, I love you). Then there was a huge new years buffé, and I ate until I went into food coma. Then the clock striked 12 and everyone shouted HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (Yes, including me).DSC08141DSC08143DSC08160DSC08169

Ermahgerd, chocolate fountain *drools all over you* *Sorry*


Idk what pose this is but, ey-yo

Day 4 – New day

First day of the new year! I grabbed 2016 by the balls byyyy… going on a shopping spree. Woooop party! Haha! Me, my mum, grandma and aunt went along the beachwalk where they have these small little shops. We took a fruitjuice by a little bar just by the beach, and just enjoyed life. Perfect way to start the new year actually. DSC08246DSC08254DSC08274DSC08279DSC08303

Day 5 – Market

We’re going to the market!! Shouted my cousin as I met him for breakfast. Said and done, we walked the ten minutes to a nearby market place. After strolling around for about 2 hours, I had managed to find some neat stuff! I bought a jumpsuit, a bracelet made out of lavastones and a new awesome phonecase (as my old one had served it’s time and was complety broken, R.I.P old phonecase). This new one is the kind where there’s water and glitter in it, and you shake it and it looks all cool n’ stuff, if you know what I mean. (If you do I’m suprised tbh, I suck at explaing things). DSC08345

He looked like a nice person
Such non-fake bags, much wow


They had BBQ that night! *Haaaappy*

Day 6 – Volcano

Riiiiiiiiiiiing said the alarm at 6.30 and I woke up, wanting to smash the snooze-button. I didn’t though, because I knew that we had to get up. Because we were about to go on an adventure! (Insert the hobbit GIF here). My mum, brother, uncle, and two cousins had a quick breakfast before we had to head for the bus that was going to pick us up. The bus came, and we were on our way to the big volcano, Teide! The ride there took us about 2 hours (including a stop at a café where my mum bought the biggest cinnamon roll known to mankind!). Once we got there we had to take the cable car up to the top. And omg, let me just say that the view was amazing! Standing up there, more than 3000 meters above sea level was quite something. I snapped a lot of photos, but they hardly make the real view any justice but eh, here they are anyway! DSC08385DSC08395DSC08422DSC08430DSC08442

Oh, you know, I’m just chilling on a volcano. No biggy.


On our way back home we stopped to take some photos in the beautiful lava-landscape. Such an amazing adventure!

Quite a landscape, am I right?


Day 7 – Chilling to the max

As this was going to be our final whole day at Teneriffe, we made sure to get as much sun as possible. I swam, I sunbathed and enjoyed life richly. Later in the day, I and my mum went for a walk down to the beach, and walked a bit in the stores once again. Then we had to hurry back home to get ready and changed as the entire crew were heading for a nearby bar which we always go to on our last day of vacation. It was only a 20 minute walk, but on the way we had to stop by the nearlying cliffs and listen to the water slamming against the rocks. It was a lovely walk, and a lovely sunset and a lovely visit at the bar. We still went back to the hotel for our buffé though haha, we couldn’t miss that now, could we? 😛DSC08628

This restaurant is called Landskrona, which I found kinda funny as Landskrona is a city pretty close by to where I live, teehee!
The view from one side…
…and the view from the other side. Notice the christmas tree :3


Feeling the ocean breathe…


These were the waves. Pretty huge, eh?


Me, feeling all fab


Day 8 – Heading home, heading north

The morning consisted of a quick breakfast, packing the last bits and bobs, then getting on the bus to the airport. A sad moment, but, as I said in my last post, all good things must come to an end unfortunatly. The 5 hour flight back home went well. As soon as we got of the plane we were hit by the distinct, teethshaking, toefreezing cold. And I actually enjoyed it! Or well, okay, when we waited outside for the taxi I didn’t enjoy the cold as much, but now, watching the snow fall down outside my window, I know that it sure feels good to be back home! DSC08999

All in all, this trip was so great! I had a such amazing time, and getting away from every struggle back home for just a week meant a lot to me. I hope that you all had a lovely new years! Hugs, kisses and love you lots! (Not in a creepy way though, I swear!)

End of teatime! *Clink Clink*


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