When you can’t sleep at night

It’s quite amazing how much you can accomplish when you’re not sleeping! (Not saying that you all should stay awake forever now though!). It’s currently 3.44 in the morning, and I am wide awake without the slightest hint of the sandman coming anytime soon. I’ve tried everything to manage to fall asleep, but around 2 am I gave up. I’m not tired at all, so why fight it, haha! I actually went to bed at around 10 o’ clock, but after a lot of tossing and turning I just went ”nope”. I’ve tried reading, watching youtube (watching movies and videos actually makes me very sleepy, hehe), the thing where you completely empty your mind, meditation, counting sheeps, you name it! The only thing I haven’t tried is drinking warm milk, but a) we don’t have milk at home b) if I were to make it I would have to sneak out to the kitchen which is just by my mums bedroom and I don’t really feel like waking her up c) I don’t even like milk

But, as a said before I began to ramble, I’ve gotten so much stuff done after I admitted to myself that I couldn’t sleep! I’ve finished writing a song for a project that I’m doing in school, I’ve edited a few videos for another project in school, I’ve almost finished reading a book, tidying a bit, as well as writing quite a lot of random things. It’s been quite chill really, just hanging around in my room in the middle of the night. All alone. In the dark. With closets just by my bed. With doors that creak. Oh dear…. Have I told you that I’m really scared of the dark? Eeek…

Okay, ehm, trying to get my mind of possible demons/skeletons/serial killers (dexter is that you?)/mike wazowski (the green dude from monsters inc ya know?). Soooo, today has been pretty chill. I’ve truly been enjoying my last day before school starts tomorrow. *Silently screams; noooooo*. Me and my family went ice-skating! I love ice-skating, but there were so many people on the ice that it was quite difficult not to bump into anyone! But ey, what’s life without a little bruises here and there? Then later in the evening we went to a lovely pizzeria where we had amaaaaazing pizzas! Not kidding, I rarely manage to eat an entire pizza but well, today I did! It was that delicious! And to make it even better, beautiful snow started falling while we were sat eating our pizza. Fun fact about me; I love snow! (I think I mentioned that in my previous post, didn’t I?)

Oh well, I think that I should try and at least rest a bit now, as I have to get up in… Yikes, 4 hours. Hahah! Yeey me!

Wishing you all a good nights sleep! Hugs to you all!

End of teatime! *Clink Clink*

P.S I swear to god I just heard a baby cry just outside my window this is no joke this might be my last communication before I get eaten by a demon bye


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