You just GOT to love the weekend, am I right? No musts, no commitments, no nothing! (Well, most of the time at least haha!). As always, I’m just making sure to chill as much as possible and get as much rest as I can before the week starts again. After all, that’s what weekends are for, am I right? (usually I’m not, but, ehh…plz agree with me on this one hehe).

Today I had a ”whole day” with my bro, which was very cozy! You see, as a christmas gift this year (or well, technically it’s last year…ehm… you know what I mean) I gave him a note saying that we would spend a day together and have lunch at subway (his favorite place) and then watch a movie of his choice at the cinema. And today was the day! We ended up watching Alvin and the chipmunks 4 (really, how many films can they make out of one franchise?) Nevertheless the movie was actually good! Probably not a movie I will watch like a thousand times, but still, good. And the subway was good and the company was good so the day was goooood! Although my brother got a little sad when he found out that his favorite football team Manchester city had lost the game against Leicester with 3-1. But hey, that’s a minor bummer in the whole picture! (Or well, at least for me who’s only knowledge about football comes from my brother who keeps questioning me about different players like some sort of trivia…)

The bro
Tbh it was quite awkward to play the piano publicly. I only did it for the photo lol xD
The bro watching soccer outside a sportsbar #sneakyAF


Alvin och gänget is Alvin and the chipmunks in Swedish #TheMoreYouKnow

Then in the evening I was supposed to eat sushi, but it turned out as the sushi gods disagreed with me on that one. Firstly, the usual sushi restaurant I eat at had closed for the season. So we looked up another one nearby and tried to call them, but no one answered. So we called another one a bit further away, who answered, but had a waiting time of 1 hour… I was like ”BUT I WANT SUSHI NOOOOOOW!” (imagine a 5-year old having a tantrum, and then you have me at that point). So we tried to drive to the place that didn’t pick up (which was a totally new place that I have never tried before), and they said that they had a waiting time of 30 minutes, and I was like ”okay, I can deal with that”, but then they said ”Btw we’re out of fish so you can’t order sushi LOLZ”. About then I wanted to cry. So we tried and call the other place but then the waiting had extended to 1 1/2 hours so I surrendered and went for thai instead, which was okay that too haha!

Now I’m feeling a bit tired and have been having a headache for quite some time so it’s probably time to hit the sack! (Is that what the cool kids say?)

Btw, welcome to all the new followers I have gotten on my blog! I just want you to know that it means a lot to me that you chose to press that button and follow my seemingly uninteresting life, haha! I hope that you find something you like here at least, and I love you all lots and lots!!

End of teatime! *clink clink*




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