January favorites!

Suuuuuuuuup peeps? 😀

I just got home from school, and Im currently just chilling in the sofa and thought ”why be productive and study when you can take pictures and write about the things I’ve been loving throughout the month of january?” So, in an attempt of avoiding responsibilities, here are my January favorites!


January is known to me as the month of dry skin. Or well, winter in general is dry-skin season, but ehm… You know where I’m going at I hope haha! So, to avoid itching and scratching on my dry skin these are the things I’ve been using!

The body shop Fuji green tea body butter

This. Bloody. Body. Butter. Is. My. Everything. Seriously, I don’t know what my skin would have done without it! (It’d probably cry tbh). I’m a huge fan of these body butters and my previous favorite has been the raspberry one, but then they decided to take that out of their sortiment, which made me incredibly sad because that smelled bloody amazing. So when I ran out of that one and needed a new, I went into their store and, ehm… smelled every single product. #NoShame. And that’s when I found this beauty, and instantly fell in love! It’s so moisturizing and it’s scent is what I imagine heaven smells like, so yeah. Been digging this one a lot. DSC09188.jpg

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Do you want people to randomly start sniffing you whilst walking down the street? Well then this is the shower gel just for you! Although I know this is one of lush’s best sellers, in case you haven’t smelled it yet then I truly recommend you to! It makes you feel squeaky clean and my mum tells me the bathroom smells like candy after I’ve taken a shower, which is always a plus! DSC09193

Lumene Night Cream 

A night cream is always good for your skin, as it’s during the night as the skin regenerates and builds up. And I’ve found that this one has done a really good job for me! It’s creamy but not to heavy (as I have pretty oily skin)(<-was that tmi? Idk). It soothes and calms the dry skin. Lumene is in general one of my favorite brands and I think this one is in their cheaper range, it wasn’t expensive at all! Which is why it has earned it’s spot here!DSC09237.jpg

The Body Shop frosted plum hand cream

Once again body shop has done it’s job haha! This hand cream makes my otherwise painfully dry hands feel so smooth! Not the biggest fan of the scent though, but it’s not a huge dealbreaker for me haha!



Inecto Naturals Smooth me Coconut Hair Serum

This coconut serum I actually picked up whilst at Teneriffe in a local supermarket. I mean, it smells like coconut. Do I need to say anything more haha?! No well, it makes my hair feel soooo smooth (like really, I’m running my fingers through it every five seconds sort of haha!). Thumbs up for this one! (And a plus for being organic!)



Oversized jumpers

What’s more cozy than snuggling up in front of the fireplace in a warm, fluffy, big knitted sweater? (You don’t need to answer that, it was a retorical question…). I’ve been pretty much been living in this one which I got on sale from H&M last year for only 50 SEK. IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!!!!


I think I’ve loved hairbands since I was a little kid. There’s just something about them that makes me feel like so adorable and cute (which obviously I’m not). So I was pretty thrilled when I got a whole bunch of them in my christmas calendar last year! I’ve been using those as often as I get the possibility!


(Just after I snapped the photo I accidently took this one. Such a flattering angle…)


Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Mascara

Omg I feel a huge urge to flutter (is that the proper word?) my eyelashes like some in-love cliché girl from a cartoon whenever I use this mascara! I’ve heard about this before and finally got my hands on it! And oboy is it good! It has within these weeks climbed it’s way up to my top favorite mascaras! It lengthens and blackens the lashes really well (okay, I’m gonna be honest with you, I don’t know if that’s exactly what it does as I suck at both make up and explaining things, but what I do know is that I really like this mascara nonetheless hehe!)


Too faced Chocolate Bronzing Powder

Okay honesty, I’ve had this for quite a while but never had the chance to use it. Until now. As one tends to get a bit (or well, MUCH) pale during the winter, I decided I didn’t feel like looking like a vampire for another six months. And that’s where this comes in! It makes me look a little less corpse-like and a little more alive (I hope at least). AND THE BEST F*CKING PART IS THAT IT SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!! DSC09219.jpg


Mandarin Orange Spice Tea

I’m a huge tea-lover! As I still haven’t learned to drink coffee (although I really want to… I too wan’t to look cool and hipster whilst drinking a triple mocha non decaf whipped cream latte something something in a take away cup), it’s the only hot beverage I’ve drunk continuously this time of the year! And this particular one is sooo delicious! I got it from a store called Sostrene Grene, if anyone wonders teehee! :3 *Teatime teatime* *hey that’s the name of my blog* *LOL*DSC09229.jpg

Odinsbarn – Siri Pettersen

I actually got this book as a christmas present, and I’ve been reading this month and I really found it to be one of those books that you really get caught in and just wants to continue reading! It’s about a girl named Hirka who lives in a parallel universe where everyone has a tail. Except for her. And that is because she’s not really from this world, she’s what they call a ”odinbarn” (odinschild). And odinsbarn are known to bring rot and pain to the world, which is why it must be kept a secret… It has a touch of Nordic mythology in it, which is something I like. It’s the first part in a trilogy and I can’t wait to read the sequel!DSC09242.jpg

Cupcake Scented Candle

I got this one for a very decent price a couple months ago from H&M Home, and I’ve been burning it for so long that it surprises me that it hasn’t burned out yet! But well, it hasn’t so the burning time is obviously great! It has an amazing scent (I feel like each of my favorite has a connection to the scent…). It smells very strongly of cupcakes which fills my room (and heart) with so much jooooooy! DSC09243

So deep… Btw it looks like I’m about to drink the candle… Don’t do that. That might end terribly bad…

Gossip Girl

So, to my final favorite, a show that I’ve been totally binge-watching; Gossip Girl! I think I mentioned it in a previous post, but it is so good! It has sort of a pretty little liars feel to it, but in a totally different way I think! It’s actually pretty dark at some moments which I didn’t expect, but like. So go check that out, if you like me feel like social life isn’t important!


So that was all of my favorites! I noticed it was quite a lot, haha! I guess I just really love a lot of stuff… And that includes all of you! (Was that cheesy? Sorry if it was…).

What have you been loving during this month? Please tell me! Plz? No? Okay… Hahah!

Well, I’ll be signing of now! Talk to you later! Love you lots!

End of teatime! *clink clink*

*Disclaimer* nothing of this is sponsored!


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