Sleepless again

Shhhhh, we have to speak quietly so we don’t wake up the house! What, wait, you mean that you can’t actually whisper on the internet? MY LIFE IS A LIE!

Hi there hehe! So it’s currently 2.36 am. and once again I am wide awake. I remember writing one of these posts not to long ago, one another one of my sleepless nights. I remembered that it kept me busy during my most awake hours so hopefully this will do just that once again! :3

 I don’t know why I can’t sleep, I just can’t. To many thoughts running through my head and stuff, without a way to shut your brain up. Apart from that I also have a massive headache, which might be another reason for my sleepless night. Although I’m actually not complaining, I’ve cozied it up by lighting my fairy lights and a scented candle that’s supposed to make you relax! (It’s from Ikea and only costed about 20 SEK so I’m not entiiiirely sure of how good it actually is, but anyway haha!) Also, I’ve been doing a lot of random (and I mean really random) thinking about stuff. Literally everything between all the possible ways I can redecorate my room to what it would be like to open a café in Amsterdam (and idea that’s been growing on me tbh. Anyone who wants to become businesspartners? :D) And lets not begin to talk about all the random imaginary conversations I’ve been having inside my head for the past couple of hours. I’ve met the king of Sweden at the nobel price ceremony, as well as some made up hunky guitarist whom I apparently marry in some distant/parallell future… My brain is a wierd place.

Oh, okay, Uhm, now I’ve come to one of those parts where I want to continue writing here but don’t know what to write about… Hmm… Ehm… How has everyones day been? Are anyone of you still awake? What shoesize do you have? (Wow, way to break the ice Altea…)

So, valentine is coming up soon! I was actually thinking of doing some sort of makeup tutorial/lookbook during one of the upcoming days, and for some reason I’m really psyched about doing it! Cuz ya know, snapping photos of myself is what I do beeeest. (Not really, they all just become blurry… But oh well, it’s fun nevertheless!)

Okay, I should probably round of things here before things get to crazy!

I hope that you all are having a good nights sleep whenever your’e going to bed! Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

End of teatime! *Clink clink*


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