Meeting deadpool

Sup bro’s and ladies? Everything good? Good. So, it’s Friday today, in case anyone had forgot! Or well, here in Sweden it’s currently half past twelve so it’s technically Saturday, but well, better late than never I guess haha!

I’ve had a really good Friday actually, and I hope you, yeah YOU reading this, has had one as well! Although I’ll admit I wasn’t all too pleased to get up at 6 am. only to be at the dentist at 7.10 to fix a cavity… But at least you woke up 4 realz when they started drilling and stuff. I mean, man, the drill made it feel like my brain was being shaken like a polaroid picture! But I got out of the dentist just in time for me to be able to catch my bus to school, and have my one class, before having to leave again for a doctor’s appointment, which also went well! Then a quick but delicious lunch before meeting up with some friends at a place called ”Malmö Live” here in Malmö for a job fair! So I spent my afternoon handing out resumes and trying to get a grip of what I wan’t to do with my life. Didn’t get much wiser on that front though, but oh well :3 Then two of the friends had to leave so me and my one remaining friend (that sounded so sad when I put it like that haha!) just hung around in the city and then actually went back to our school, because we wanted internet hehehe… So we hung out in the school’s cafeteria for another hour ^.^

After that we met up with our other friend, and went to a place called china box for food! It was very very yummy!  :3 We also went candy-shopping in one of the most amazing candy shops I’ve ever seen! DSC09326DSC09328

Springrolls, fried chicken and noodles :3
Not the place where we got our candy, but still :3

Then it was time to head to the cinema! Becaaaaause *drumroll plz* we were going on the premiere of deadpool! So, a little fun anecdote for ya; as soon as we got to the cinema we spotted a fan dressed up as deadpool. (Not so) sneakily I snapped a picture of him, but he caught me, walked up to me and was all like ”did you just take a picture of me?” and I was like ”yes omg I’m so sorry if you want to I can delete the picture I just really liked your costume!” (literally, the words were spurting out of my mouth at that point, I was so nervous that he was mad at me!) But he just said ”No it’s okay! Do you want to take a proper picture with me?” and I pretty much screamed out ”yes!”. So I had my friend take a picture, and afterwards he sort of ruffled my hair as he walked by for fun, and I let out the weirdest f*cking noise you’ve ever heard… WHY DO I HAVE TO BE SO AWKWARD?! Unfortunately the picture got lost because my memory card had somehow detached (probably because I dropped my camera at the restaurant earlier… Altea u clutz), so I didn’t get my cool photo with deadpool. BUUUUUT! Once we got into the salon, who sits right next to me if not him again! Hahah, it was such a fun moment as he sat down next to me and was like ”hey!” and I was like ”hey!”. Yup, totes had a romantic moment with deadpool. I guess you could say I went on a date with deadpool, whilst watching deadpool…? Deadpool-ception? No? Okay. DSC09330DSC09332DSC09334DSC09335DSC09336

But anyways, the movie in itself was soooooo amazing! I’m not lying when I say that it might be one of my all time favorite marvel movies! (And I looove my marvel movies!). It was incredibly funny, yet filled with action. It also broke the ‘fourth wall’ which I find really funny in movies! I’d rate it a solid 5/5!

Just posing with bae, you know

Then I went home actually, and have just been cozing it up in my room, listening to pierce the veil, which is something I haven’t done in so long! I used to be crazy about pierce the veil, and still am, I just haven’t listened to them as much. But it makes me all nostalgic (2012 me listened to them all the time!). I’ve also been doing some painting tonight. I saw this really cool painting that someone had made on Robert Downey Jr.’s facebook page and got inspired to do a similar!DSC09348DSC09350DSC09360

But now I’m getting pretty tired and should probably go to bed (or stay up the entire night watching youtube… Yeah, sounds good). I’ll see you guys tomorrow, as I have a little valentine’s inspired post coming up! Have a great friday/saturday night, stay safe and live long and prosper! Xoxo!

End of teatime! *clink clink*


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