We got Sherlocked!

So wow, today was a fun day! 😀 A very very dear friend of mine had her birthday a couple of days ago, which was celebrated with a bit of pizza and movie-coziness which was incredibly nice, but today we wanted to surprise her with something extra! So we took her to this incredibly cool place which is called ”sherlocked”. Sherlocked is a place where you basically get locked in a room for one hour, and during this hour you’re supposed to search and scan the entire room for clues and codes in order to find a key to your freedom! *dundundun*! And omg did we have fun! Not to mention how lovely and kind the staff was! Now, basically the only thing I did to help was to scream and shout whatever came into my mind which might’ve been a bit disturbing, but ehm yeah, I’ve never been one for quiet thinking… The lady who instructed us told us that only 40% manage to get out of the room in time, which might not be the best odds haha, but we ALMOST did it! And with almosy I mean that if we had gotten like 1 minute extra we actually would have gotten out haha! So, so close yet so far away… *Sighs and stares of into the distant* But we all had an amazing time at least! Not to mention a biiiig happy birthday once again to this amazing friend! ❤

As I said, it was really fun, although a bit scary at some points. There was this one time where all the lights went out and the music got really loud and I nearly shit my pants (now that would be a story to tell haha!) Luckily I didn’t do that haha, but it was scary nonetheless! Still, very cool though ^^


Da Squad xD

ominous waitingroom

Cool wall with pictures of lots of cool people, including da bae Benedict Cumberbatch ❤

Cheers :3

Being all moriarty and stuff :3 😉

So, after we finally got out of the room, we decided to head out to find some books on the booksale (which is a huge thing for us bookworms every year!) as well as some food as we were kinda starving hehe :3 And don’t let yourself be fooled by the sun in the pictures, because it was FREEZING! But I managed to pick up some really cool books, which I will show you in my next post!

So all in all this was a really fun day! If you ever get the chance to try something similar to sherlocked out, I’d highly recommend it!

That was everything I had to say for today, teehee! But I’ll talk to you soon, and hope that you all had a really amazing day as well! 😀

Love you lots!

End of teatime! *clink clink*


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