The front bottoms

(I was just about to write this post when I noticed that my computer was running low on battery, so I was like; ”where is my charger?!” and started going through all of my bags without finding it, only to later find it right next to my computer, hidden under a shirt… Yeah, I should probably tidy my room sometime soon… Or in like 10 years, sounds more likely).

Well, yesterday was interesting in many different ways, mostly positive thankfully, but some quite scarring haha, I’ll get to that one last!

So me and some friends (one of which has a really awesome blog which you all should totally check out here) had decided to go to Copenhagen to see the band The front bottoms. I’d heard barely nothing of this band before, although I knew what kind of music they play. But I was excited nevertheless, it’s always fun to go see a band with your friends! So, we met up at the centralstation, had a quick meal at Burger King (gotta love Burger King ❤ ) and then we took the train over to Copenhagen, and it was all good! We got to Copenhagen centralstation and walked the ten minute distance to the venue. The venue was an extreeeemly cozy place called Pumpehuset, which I’d never been to! But it was so nice, they even had colored fairylights hanging outside, and I mean, that pretty much says it all, doesn’t it 😉 Once we got in, after waiting for about 10 minutes in the cold, we quickly got inside and awaited the band. DSC09400DSC09404DSC09405DSC09406DSC09408DSC09415

Fairy liiiiights!

First out was the support act, which I’m not quite sure what they were called, heheheh… (If I’m not entirely mistaken they might’ve been called above them). They were pretty good I thought :3DSC09419DSC09417DSC09424DSC09422

And then, the front bottoms went on stage! And I have to say, not knowing that much about them, they were actually really really good! They had an awesome stage-energy and communicated with the audience (although someone at one point asked the singer to take of his pants, to which he replied that he was wearing ladies underwear, which was a bit fun teehee :3). The songs were really good as well, and I think that it’s always a bit more cozy to watch a band in a smaller venue, as it’s much more intimate and cozy-felt. All in all, it was a really nice show!

Before the band went onstage!

The drummer of the band! (who was really cute… *blushes*)


The drumkit was decorated with flowers! So pwetty ermahgerdh!

Oh and yeah, the drummer was barefoot!

But then came the quite scarring part which I mentioned before haha! (Okay it was not that scarring actually haha, but not to fun either… You’ll see what I mean 😛 ). So buckle up kids, cuz this is storytime!

So, between Denmark and Sweden they have instituted bordercontrols due to the refugee-crisis. The bordercontrols basically means that they check your ID. But they don’t check ID’s on the way to Denmark, they only check when you go from Denmark to Sweden. And the trains don’t go all the way from Copenhagen centralstation directly to Malmö (the first city in Sweden when you come from Denmark) anymore,  because you have to change at the airport. Which is what me and my friends did. We got of at the airport, walked over to the other platform and to the bordercontrols. My friends got through without any issues. Me on the other hand… Well, let’s just say it’s simply my luck haha! I mean, I can’t say that I live an uneventful life, because they could probably write a book about all the wierd shit that’s happened to me. Here’s what happened;

I showed my ID-card to the guard. He looks at it, and then goes: ”this is expired”. I was like ”wut?” And very much so, my ID had expired a couple of months ago. *Sigh, I should probably have checked that before I left, shouldn’t I?*. So, using my biggest, most heartwarming puppy-eyes I tried to get through and on the train that had just arrived at the platform. But it was to no avail. He asked if I had any other identification, and I pretty much tried everything, even my school buscard! So, in desperation I tried calling both my mum and dad (keep in mind that the clock was half past midnight and my family aren’t exactly any nightowls) and my mum picked up. The guard had suggested that she’d bring my passport over, and I mean, I can imagine driving over to Denmark in the middle of the night isn’t exactly a mother’s biggest dream, huh? And it turned out that she couldn’t drive anyway, although she came with plenty other suggestions on how to solve the situation. So eventually, I had to take a taxi over (because for some reason it’s okay to take a taxi over to the Swedish side but not train? I did not entirely get that part…). So, after a much expensive taxi-ride across the bridge I was finally over. And I know that I should not get political on the internet, because that usually never ends well, but that feeling of panic I got when he told me that I wasn’t allowed to cross the bridge, home to my own contry, that feeling is the feeling (but only like 1000 times worse) that refugees probably deal with when they have so seek refuge, and I think it’s such a shame and pity to see what this world has come to, when the government no longer wants or can’t help them anymore, and deny them the right to enter our country. I mean, after all we all live on the same planet, shouldn’t we therefore be allowed in all parts of it? Without the papers that grant the permission? And mainly, come toghether to find a solution to stop the syrian war? And all other wars, for that matter?

Well, I got home eventually, and I already feel like this is a story that I’ll laugh at when I’m old and gray, so no mentally traumatising memories were made haha! And all in all I had a really fun night!

End of teatime! *clink clink*


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