Cookies and Sci-fi


Howdy! So, firstly I’d like to apologize for my all too long absence! I’ve been meaning to blog for a while, but I’ve been held up by schoolwork, and also I haven’t really had anything to blog about, hehe…

But I do today hehe! During this past week I’ve found out that we’ve passed the ‘100-days until graduation’ milestone, and well as of today there’s only 93 days left! AND we’re getting our studentcaps sometime this week (hopefully), AND I’ve just finished my major high school-project (which every senior in Sweden is busy working on for their entire final year, we had our due date today), so I really feel like my time in school is actually drawing to an end! There’s a bit of mixed feelings but as of right now those feelings are mainly of relief haha!

Throwing in a casual selfie!

My school was actually supposed to throw a ”100 days until graduation” party this past weekend, but unfortunately it got cancelled due to the venue they had rented got flooded… So I ended up staying at home. Something I didn’t mind tbh, netflix and chill all by myself is fine by me 🙂 Also, I’ve been feeling a bit sick so staying at home was probably the best option anyway…

I’ve also had a friend over to bake! We made delicous  nutella-cookies and chocolate cupcakes! We made so many that they lasted the entire weekend toghether with my family (who likes to nibble on sweet things… Teehee). DSC09481DSC09483

Geez I look like a proud mother ❤
Scary cookies!


Last but not least I also went to the sci-fi convention which is held every year here in my hometown, which was a lot of fun! I went there with a friend and we ended up staying there for a full 5 hours, just walking around admiring the things and people and cosplayers and stuff! I bought some cool stuff as well, such as a Deadpool pop-figure, a dragon sculpture and a Timeturner-necklace (you know, like the one Hermione wears in ‘the prisoner of Azkaban’ to keep in pace with all of her classes! It’s really awesome!) (I don’t use it to keep up with my classes though) (It actually doesn’t turn back time at all) (that makes me sad) (I wan’t a refund). We also watched a cosplay-contest which was cool, and to watch a Q&A with the actor John Rhys-Davies who played Gimli in the Lord of the rings-trilogy! He was muuuuuch taller in real life though…. DSC09525DSC09535DSC09527DSC09531DSC09519DSC09537DSC09536DSC09502

Chewbacca just strolling ya know!
Check out the sfx-makeup on the hello kitty dolls!


The participants of the Cosplay-contest!


John Rhys-Davies was there to answer some questions!



And well, today is Monday. I had quite a normal day, apart from the schools’ fire alarm going of during my final class. I was convinced that it was a fire drill at first, but it turns out that someone actually had started a fire in one of the bathrooms! So yeah, that was really interesting! Alongside with the ringing of the fire alarm there was also a voice that said ”a fire has been reported in the building, please leave immediately” (yes in English) but in the most Swedish accent, which made it impossible not to grin a bit hehe…

Tomorrow, I actually have the day off! I’m probably going to spend most of my day watching gossip girl or something, you know, like the way you’re supposed to spend a free day! And later in the evening I’m going out for dinner with some people from the place where I used to work last summer (and hopefully this summer as well!), which I’m sure is going to be fun! I’ll see if I’ll be able to snap some photos for you 😉

Well, now I think I’ve updated you about what is currently going on in my life! I hope you enjoyed it, and I’ll make sure to talk to you soon! Until then, have a great time! Love you lots!!

End of teatime! *Clink Clink*



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