Guess who’s back?


It’s me! I’m back! Wihoo! I don’t know why I suddenly disappeared like that, I just really haven’t had the motivation to blog I guess. But i’m giving it a go once again, as I still think that it’s really fun to blog!

So, I’m actually currently on another schoolbreak, I’ve been having my easterbreak this entire week, which is soooo delightful! Haven’t been doing that much either, to be honest. This past weekend I chilled pretty much, went to a brunch with my parents, siblings and stepmom to plan my graduation a bit. (Have I told you that I’m really excited about my graduation? I think I have tehhee). And well, after that brunch I tagged along with my mom on a cleaning spree, I guess you could call it haha! We went to the dump to throw some stuff away and then went to clean the car and then recycle some bottles and stuff. Grrrreat fun! Haha! And then this monday I met up with a friend, we had a lovely brunch and just chilled as well (a lot of chilling going on haha!).IMG_1325

Yesterday I hung out with my brother (whom just turned 12, I don’t think I’ve mentioned that in one of my posts? Anyway, happy belated birthday here as well bro!) Oh, and of course yesterday we all got the news about the terrible thing that happened in Belgium, and in Turkey… So incredibly sad and a bit scared about what is currently going on in this world… So much hate, I just which it could all stop…IMG_1323

And well, today I’m going to meet up with an old friend whom I haven’t seen in quite some time, but is always great fun catching up with! And well, this weekend it’s easter! Does any of you have any fun plans for easter? I think my plans will mainly include eating a lot of eastery deliciousness hehe! I do hope that the easter bunny comes to all of you and doesn’t hide your eggs in to hard places. 😉

Now, actually, as I said earlier, my graduation is coming up, and I actually need a bit of your help! Because, as with graduation, we in Sweden (or well, most schools at least) have a graduation prom! And I’ve been ravaging like crazy online in order to find the perfect dress, and I’ve finally narrowed it down to two dresses which I’m obsessed with, but well, obviously I can only wear one to the prom (would look quite hilarious if I wore two dresses at the same time I reckon!). So, my question to you is, which of these two do you prefer? They’re both from asos, from their ”petite” line! (As I am quite short and stuff…)

That was all I had for today actually haha! I’ll talk to you guys soon (I’ll try and make it soon at least! *wink wink*) But until then, take good care, and I love you lots!

End of teatime! *clink clink*



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