Hi guys! I hope that you all have fully enjoyed your easter, and that the easter bunny came to your house and didn’t hide the eggs in to hard places! I know that I’ve really enjoyed my easter and my easter break! I thought I’d share some pics with you of what I’ve been doing during my easter!

So, on of the more positive things about having divorced parents is that you get to celebrate the holidays not once, but twice! So, this Friday I celebrated a bit with my mum and grandma and grandpa (and my littlebrother of course, but he is with me at all times. Like a little ball and chain he is, that wonderful bro of mine). We have as a tradition (during those easter that we spend at home, for the past two years we’ve been spending easter abroad hehe…) to go around the county and look at different art-exhibitions. I don’t know exactly who it is who organizes everything, or why it started, but around eastertime painters, sculptures and artists in general put their works out for display, sort of as a vernissage, in their studios. So basically, you drive around and look at art. The entire day. Woo. Hahah, no but seriously, I’m quite interested in art so I found it more fun than I make it sound, I promise haha! My brother on the other hand wasn’t to amused…

But, the first thing we did was to drive out to the forest for a little easter-walk! (I think I put the word easter in front of to many words…) The weather was a bit dull though, but it wasn’t windy or cold which is always a plus! DSC09652

wiiie signs of spring!
Wiiie signs of spring!! pt.2


is it just me or does this picture remind anyone else of that old windows desktop picture?


brother bored af
how cuuuuuute???
I’m a true sucker for these kind of retro-pictures! *hearteyes*
Just your average countryside view ya know…


And yeah, after that little walk we drove around to different small villages (and by small I mean really small, like, I live pretty close to each of the towns we went to, yet I’d never heard of them before…)

Once we’d gotten back home later in the evening we skipped the traditional easter-food and went out for pizza! Or well, I had lasagna, but all of the other peeps went for pizza (I was a bit of loner sitting there with my lasagna… *starts singing AAAALL BYYY MYYY SEEE-E-EELF!*)

The next day I spent with my papa, his girlfriend and her side of the family. The weather this day was much better than the day before, we actually had a lot of sun, which is oh so appreciated! The entire day went to eating delicious food, talking to lots of people, and oh, we also had a boule-tournament! (my team came in second place, yeey us!). Needless to say that it was a really fine day as well!

pre-easterdinner coziness with mah sis!


Aaaaand finally the day after that I went back to my mum’s place (one of the negative things about having divorced parents; the endless running around between them! haha!). We didn’t do much though, mainly just chilling, had another bit of eastery-food. And we made a cake! I actually, for the first time in my life, baked a raw-food cake! It was actually way more simple than I though (considering the ingredients I was supposed to have in it I thought that it was going to be super difficult! I mean, there was supposed to be freaking passionfruitpowder in it? O.o We actually didn’t find that so we made the same but with blueberrypowder instead, worked out just as well haha) (btw if you want the recipe, just let me know!). We made a licorice/blueberry cake, and it was actually quite delicious! Tasted much of the licorice though, so if you’re not a fan of that this might not be the cake just for you…DSC09797DSC09795

And as I’m writing this, it’s easter Monday, and I’ve just spent the entire day doing nothing, just as one should 😉

Like I said earlier, I hope that you all had a fantastically (is that even a word?) great easter!! Did any of you get a lot of chocolaty goods? 😉

Anyways, that was all I had for today! Love you lots! Bye! xx (I accidentally typed zz instead of xx which made it look as if I’m tired or bored… I’m not, I promise! Okay, a bit tired, but that’s just my normal state…)

End of teatime! *clink clink*




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