IMG_1407Spring is finally starting to show her face here in Southern Sweden! Yeeey! That makes me soooo, sooooo, excited! If you have read my previous post you might know that I like winter a lot as well, but only if there is actually snow on the ground, and well, let’s just say that there hasn’t been snow on the ground for the nearly past two months… So I am truly ready for spring right now! I mean, we even turned the clock forward just the other day! So, in order to celebrate spring I’ve put together a little list of things I love about spring!

  • Warmer temperature
  • The sun. Oh how lovely those first rays of sunlight feels on your skin (especially here in Sweden where everyone goes full viking and starts wearing shorts in like the beginning of March… Not even kidding.)
  • Longer days! After months of what seems like eternal darkness and never ending nights we’ve finally seem to have hit some sort of turning point, and now the sun actually stays up until seven pm. here!
  • Nature awakens. It’s just so lovely to see those first flowers pop up everywhere, and those little buds starts to bloom on the trees! This point comes with quite a high price to pay for us whom are allergic to pollen though… *athcoooo!*
  • Lighter clothes. Urgh, I mean, who really wants to walk around feeling like the michelin-man all the time? Feels quite great to finally get rid of those heavy jackets and thousand layers of jumpers, tights, socks, etc I can tell ya!
  • The people get happier. I don’t know if it’s just me, but during the whole of the winter season everyone seems to be hiding inside. And with every right to do so, I mean, it’s freaking cold outside, ‘kay?? But now as it gets warmer, people starts to go outside, and idk, everyone just seem so happy, and it makes me happy and aargh, it’s great, k?
  • Having coffee outside. Or well, not just coffee of course, but whenever you meet up with your friends you can grab a coffee (or a hot chocolate if I may decide :P) and maybe a baked good, and eat it outside, at your local café or whatever! It is sooo cozy!
  • Bonfire night. I know that bonfire night is a thing in the uk, where you light bonfire on the 5th of November in order to remember when Guy Fawkes nearly blew up the house of parlament (am I right? Did I remember my history correctly there?), but here in Sweden we have bonfire night, or ”valborg” as we call it, on April 30th. It’s where we light this huge bonfire (duh), and some sing, and it’s all just a bit of a celebration to welcome spring, I think. Oh, and it’s also an excuse for youths to become incredibly drunk… Yeah….
  • My birthday. Eeeek, my birthday is only two weeks away! On April 15th I turn 19 years! Ermahgerd I am not ready to become an adult…
  • Pastel colors. love me some bright colors, and pastels are no exception! I can’t wait to dive in to my spring wardrobe!
  • Seasonal fruits. Freshly harvested strawberries. Need I say more?
  • Prom. As I’ve mentioned before, my prom is in the middle of may. I’m truly excited about that aswell, I’m gonna cinderella the sh*t out of that prom! (pardon my language).


I think that the list can go on forever, but these are some of the things of which I love and look forward to about spring! Tell me, I’m interested, what do you look forward to in spring? 😀

That was all I had for today! I hope that you enjoyed this post and are also enjoying spring! (which, if you’re reading this, I assume you’re not as you’re probably reading this on an iPhone or a computer… Get outside, enjoy nature! Unless you’re sick, then you’re excused. Or, just like me and prefer to stay in bed the entire day… You know what, stay inside, it’s okay :3) Love you lots! xx

End of teatime! *clink clink*



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