My birthday!


Howdy! Once again I must apologize for not being the best blogger, tehee! There’s just been completely cray-cray buzy in school! Like, 2 major essays, one exam, 2 songs that need to be written (I study music, in case you were wondering why I’m writing songs, hehe!)  and my high-school project which needs editing, all in the span of two weeks. Urgh… But enough about school, haha! I was going to write about something much more fun than that; my birthday!

Yup, I actually turned 19 yesterday! Time to start wearing anti-aging cream and shiz I guess! Haha, no but I really don’t feel that much different. I mean, I’m still mentally 5 soooooo… Yeah haha! But I had a lovely day celebrating my birthday yesterday! I only had two classes, and my last one finished about an hour early so I finished school at 11.30, and then they served pizza in the cafeteria! Omnomnom (I reckon it was purely because of my birthday that they served pizza).

And then I got home and started prepping for the family gathering that was happening in the evening. I baked my own hamburgerbread and made my own cake and prepped the food (we ate pulled pork; one of my all time favorite meals!) (although sushi will always be my number one). I felt really housewife-ish haha! But I really enjoy cooking, it’s one of my greatest hobbies actually so I didn’t mind it! And then the guests arrived. My grandparents, mum, dad, brother, sister, stepmom, aunt and cousins were all there so it was really nice :3


I got the beanboozled game! The beans tasted awful….
Me and the sis
Grandpa and cousin playing soccer in the hallway!
My gifts! :3


My caaaaaaake! 

And well yeah, I guess that was about it, tehee! I hope you enjoyed this post and continue to enjoy the day hehe! 😀

Peace and love!

End of teatime! *clink clink*


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