You know that song by Rihanna? The one that goes ”work work work work work”? Yeah, that one. That one has been stuck in my head since yesterday. I’m starting to annoy myself when I caught myself singing it, and the funny thing is that those are literally the only lyrics from the song that I know haha! Kinda catchy though…

So, anyway, hi everyone! Hope you’re all having a lovely evening! (Or day, or sleep, depending on where you live and when you’re reading this, haha!). I’m currently just sitting here, writing on this blog (nooooo shit?!), drinking a cup of tea (with loads of honey,  as I think I’m coming down with a cold :/ ). I’ve also just finished doing loads of things, which makes the current weight on my shoulders so much lighter.

These past few days have actually been rather productive tbh! Like, this Sunday I worked for like, the whole day, and also got the news that I’ll be working for the entire next weekend, which is nice *(money face emoiji)*. And this Monday I actually went to my very first acupuncture session. I’m not gonna lie, I was absolutely terrified before, because I really, really, really don’t like needles. But it was surprisingly calming! Tbh, I felt more relaxed during that half hour than what I’ve done since, well, I started high school i guess! Amaaaazing :3

Then, I started crossing things of my to-do list yesterday, and I’m pretty much done with everything (for now… sigh). I’ve done some boring grown-up stuff (I’M ONLY 19, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW HOW TO REGISTER A BANK ACCOUNT FOR TAX REFUNDS?! *internally cries and wishes I was a child again, whilst singing ”once I was seven years old…”* ), and I also went out for a run for the first time in two weeks yesterday (which sure feels in the legs today, ohboy ohboy!), done a lot of schoolwork (had a test today, and a very important presentation tomorrow which I’m super nervous about… Wish me luck haha!). I’ve finally bought both a dress for my upcoming prom, as well as tickets for the prom (hah, imagine if I just bought the prom dress and then didn’t go to the prom), and dealt with some other small stuff! So yeah, I feel sort of relieved that most of that stuff that’s been bothering me is behind me now!

One more thing that I did yesterday (or erhm, well, sort of today as well I guess….) was to attend a party! Yep, hardcore Altea, going clubbing on a tuesday (a schoolnight as well, oooooh such hardcore!). Well, my school actually had this party to celebrate that it’s only 50 days left until our graduation! (Or well, currently it’s actually like 41 or something I believe hehe..) But yeah, me and my friend Emma arrived at the club (a place called cuba café here in Malmö) where the party was held shortly after and, well, partied, haha! It was so much fun, I had such a lovely time! The people seemed happy, I was happy. We danced, and chilled, and danced, and it was all great fun :3 Most people started leaving at around 1. am, but me and Emma where still in partymode and didn’t ending up leaving until 2. am when the place shut down haha. But by then our busses had stopped going, and the next one weren’t supposed to come until 5.11. But we didn’t mind actually. We walked (in rain, may I add) to a hamburger-chain called Max, had ourselves a hamburger and fries and then just sat and chilled until 5 am haha! It was kinda fun to see what kind of people that go out for a early-hour hamburger on a tuesday (or well by then it was actually wednesday). For instance, there was this one person who sat next to us, who literally fell asleep. Practically in his hamburger. And he snored reeeeally loudly. Almost felt kinda bad for the poor guy. IMG_1579IMG_1580IMG_1583IMG_1584

See that guy behind us? That’s the sleeping man. He was asleep like that the entire time we where there x)

But yeah, all in all, great night! Although I ended up getting home at half six, and had to get up at seven to go to school and have an exam… The exam didn’t go as well as I had hoped, but tbh, it wouldn’t have gone any better if I’d had a good nights’ sleep before haha. I have actually been feeling surprisingly alert and awake despite only getting 1 1/2 hours sleep tonight, but I’m feeling how my eyes are starting to cross so I think that maybe it’s for the best if I hit the good ol’ sack like, now, haha! Cuz sleeping is what I do best, broooo :3.

So, on that note I’d like to end this little update, because this lady is going to bed haha! Nighty nighty, sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite! (Gosh, I’m so lame…)

End of teatime! *clink clink*



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