Here comes the sun (dudududu)



As far as I’ve heard, there seems to have been quite lovely weather across the globe (or, well, Europe at least haha). I know for a fact that the weather here has been, like amaaaazing!! I think that the temperature has gone as high as 21°C at some point, which is like, basically summer 😛

I hope that mother nature has shown her best side wherever you who reads this is atm. :3 I’ve also had the fortune to be free from school this Thursday and Friday, due to the ascension (i think it’s called in English?) which has given me the maximum opportunity to enjoy the weather!

So, this Thursday I got picked up by my dad, his gf and my little sister to go an adventure :3 Or well, ehm, sort of, haha! We drove for about 1 1/2 to this little town called Brösarp, where we met my grandpa and grandma whom had also driven there. We had a lovely lunch at ”Brösarp gästgivaregård”, where we had a traditional ”äggakaga” (which basically translates into eggcake… It’s much more delicious than what is sounds haha! But well, it does contain a lot of eggs though; the waiter told us that for one ”cake” (shared between 6-8 people), as much as 17 (!!) eggs are used!) It’s kinda hard to describe äggakaga, but I think the closest way to describe it is like an omelett, only much sweeter and denser, sort of, haha! Also, it’s best eaten with slices of pork and lingonberries! It’s delicious nevertheless! DSC09993DSC09997DSC00028DSC00005DSC00013DSC00017DSC09998

After the lunch, my dad craved an espresso and my sister craved a ”chocolate ball”, so we found a nearby little coffee place, which was very cozy, and had an actual authentic jukebox! (Not that it was needed though, my sister sang so much that she’d could’ve held a concert on her own! ❤ ) DSC00053DSC00056DSC00051

After that quick coffee place we headed on to a place called ”Brösarps backar” (Brösarps hills), which is basically just a field full of flowers and hills on which you get this crazy gorgeous view. My sister and I ended up running around picking loads and loads of dandellions, which was kinda cute :3 DSC00100DSC00071DSC00102DSC00085DSC00114DSC00111DSC00124DSC00121DSC00153

And then finally we went to a place called ”havsängarna” (the oceanfields) not that far away. It was pretty much just a beach, but it was fun anyways, and the sun was shining like crazy so being on the beach felt just like the right place to be :3 Then we had ice cream at a nearby place before it was time to head home ^^DSC00182DSC00189DSC00216DSC00206DSC00235DSC00249DSC00261DSC00255DSC00257

And then yesterday, seeing as I was free from school then as well, I met up with some lovely cute friends early in the morning hours. We met up at the beach, and walked out on a jetty, where we had a lovely morning picnic, with a much healthy breakfast which included pizza and soda #fitspo #healthy DSC00307DSC00304DSC00296DSC00292

We had an amaaaaazing time there, just chilling and sunbathing and laughing at random bits and bobs haha!

And then I got home and chilled even more there. I actually was able to sit on our balcony for the first time this year! Wiiie! I actually also baked some banana-muffins, that were – if I may blow my own trumpet a bit – delicious! :3 I’m thinking of posting the recipe here sometime next week, would you like that? ^^

DSC00278And as of today, I’ve truly been a busy bee, as I’ve been working from 10-18.30, and pretty much been standing up the entire day! Needless to say that I totally crashed into the sofa once I got home. But, I did (and still have) the entire house to myself as the rest of my family are away at dinner with some friends, so I’ve just been chilling, doing some writing, studying, reading and watching Harry Potter and the deathly hallows (pt.2). (I did all those things simultaneously) (not really) (lol). And now I’m still in the sofa, and just finished watching the last fifteen minutes of the black swan. I’ve seen it once before but had a hard time keeping up with it, but I really want to see it again as it seems to be a movie just right up my sleeve; dark and twisted and a bit ominous :3 So I’ll definitely try and watch it again, but from the beginning and not just the last fifteen minutes like I did today hehe.

Aaand tomorrow is a brand new day (no shit) with brand new opportunities (such deep much wow), and I’m going to spend my day working once more (making those cash oh yeah money money money), so yeah, woop woop! Oh and btw, make sure to check in here again tomorrow, because I might have a special yummy treat coming for ya 😉

But until then, have a great night (or day if it’s still daytime tehhee)

Love you lots! Xoxo

End of teatime! *clink clink*


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