So, tomorrow is the big day, the day that I’ve probably been nagging about since I started this blog; the day of my school’s graduation-prom! πŸ˜€ And omg, I’m sooooo freaking excited! πŸ˜€ It’s gonna be a night to remember πŸ˜‰ (high school musical 3 reference ftw). 

Another thing that I’ve been going on and on about lately is my dress for the prom, a topic which I’ve been very ambivalent about. At first I was torn between two different dresses, but once I finally had decided it turned out that they didn’t have my size, in either of the dresses! So, I continued my search, and actually found another one which I loved even more, and was actually available in my size! So, yeah, jackpot!! (Not… Continue reading…)

So, I ordered the dress on the wednesday 2 weeks ago (April 27th), and the site from which I ordered from said that the dress was supposed to come the following wednesday (May 4th). And well, May 4th came, and no dress was sighted. I was a bit puzzled but didn’t sweat to much about it, I had been counting with some slight delay. But, once the entire week had passed I was feeling slightly worried (keeping in mind that this was last week, so there weren’t to many days left). And as I was able to track my order the entie time, the trackingsite said that it had been ”succesfully delivered”, and I was like ”Ehm, nope?!”. But then, this Tuesday I received an email from the site which said ”your dress has been succesfully returned, your payment will be put back into your account within 10 days”, and I started to freak out. My mind just went: ”Returned?! What do they mean? I haven’t even got the dress?!” Like, total panic!

So, I started making phonecalls and reserach (I should totally become a private detective, shouldn’t I?), aaaaand very much so, my dress had been returned to Germany, where the company has their shipping storage. It turned out that my dress had been delivered to a city named Landskrona (like 30 minutes away), probably to someone there who had probably gone ”a dress? Wut is dis? I do not want, plz return” and then probably had just sent it back I guess. So basically, my dress had gotten misdelivered! 

Total and sheer panic! With the prom just three days away, what do to? Well, me and my mum went to the nearby mall called emporia and had a little look around, and we found lots of pretty dresses, but none of which fitted me, as I’m really short (5’1 1/2 / 156 cm), so I just ended up tripping over them :/ But, as by coincidence, we stumbled upon a friend of my mums, who’s mother-in-law just so happened to be a seamstress! So, I bought the dress which I had fallen in love with in one of the stores (which had also been recomended by the same friend of my mum just a few minutes earlier), and then went over to her, and she was such a sweet lady who was willing tot fix my dress with such short notice teehee! But now, I FINALLY HAVE A DRESS!!! πŸ˜€  

Here are a few pictures of the dress, teehee! As you can see it’s a pink dress, with a bit of lace by the boobies :3 It’s still really long, but I like it hehe :3 

That was everything for today! I hope you enjoyed this little wierd-ass story hahah πŸ˜› Now I’m just gonna chill back in the sofa, watching eurovision song contest! Anyone have any favorites yet? :3 

Love you lots! Kisses and hugs! 

End of teatime! *clink clink* 


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