Hi there! Long time no see! (Missed you lots <3)


So, I’m back. For today at least haha! No, but really, I’m going to try and get back into the whole ”blogging life” again, because I’ve really missed it! I really dunno why I haven’t done it for so long, I guess I’ve been doing so many other things? Anyways, here I am, willing to give this another go hehe 😉 And noticing by the stats, some of you still come and visit this blog every now and then, which makes me so glad! 😀

But so, what have I been up to lately? Well, the last post I wrote was published on May 12th (!!!!1!!!!11!) which is 4 months ago (!!1!!!!!1111!1111111!!!!!!). In that post I wrote about the whole shangaroo (is that even a word? now it is, k?) about my prom dress not arriving. And looking back, I remembered writing quite a lot about being so excited about prom (and then completely forgot to write about it, lolz). Unfortunately I didn’t take that many pictures (I’ll se if I can find any, I’ve gotten a new computer swell as my old one had to be returned to my school once I graduated (which I’ll get to in a bit), and I’ve been to lazy to transfer everything from my old computer to my new one (which isn’t very new tbh, it’s like, 7 years old, but it surprisingly works)). But yeah, here’s what I remember from prom;


I remember getting all fancy with my friends before the prom, and we all looked faaaaab ;)))) Then, going to the prom, we had a reaaaally great evening, and everyone was so fancy! But yeah, we got a bit of champagne as a welcome gesture, and then were seated and had dinner (tbh, the dinner wasn’t that great though, like goat cheese and beetroots for starters and like this weird (and dry) potato cube and chicken for dinner, and a chocolate cake for dessert (which was amazing though, ngl). And a few people held their speeches and there was some live music to accompany the dinner. Then we all started dancing (which was kinda hilarious as we all wore our finest prom dresses and gowns, but the only thing they played was like dubstep and house, so we all just stood there awkwardly bouncing up and down in our long-ass dresses). But all in all it was a great night!



Literally, i’m not gonna lie, graduation day was the best fkn day of my life! Like, If I were to write about every single emotion and memory that I have from that day it would be a looooong paragraph and a total chaotic mess, plus I’m sure you’ve got better things to do haha, so I’m gonna try and make it short for you!

Firstly my class (a ”class” in Sweden is not the kind of class you have in most other countries, it’s a group of people (20-30-ish)  with whom you have all of the core-subjects with basically.) and I all met up at this guy in my class house for a champagne-breakfast. There were lots and lots of food, (delicious, may I add), which we ate, and then played a cheeky little game of ”would you rather”. (Found out some stuff I didn’t know about my classmates teehee), before cleaning up all of the leftovers (As the responsible teenagers we are), and then heading of for a walk around the town. Cheering, smiling, screaming, crying of happiness and laugher, and maybe a bit tipsy we walked around Malmö in the amazing weather (srsly, the weather couldn’t have been any better that day!). We saw a bunch of other graduates from our school and hooked up with them and just walked around for about an hour I reckon (it’s kind of a tradition to do that here in Sweden), and everything was just so great! Then we headed back to our school for a lunch with all of the other classes from our school and the teachers. They had redecorated our entire cafeteria to look all graduat-y and stuff haha, and then we were served food (baked salmon and potato), which we happily ate, signed each others caps, and then me and some other people from my class went to sit outside for a bit in the sun, drinking and smiling :))) Then we found some more people from our class again and walked to a place called ”drottningtorget” where we were going to meet our class mentors for some ice-cream. It was really joyful, and we sat outside chatting before our mentors arrived (and ate some vodka-gummybears which was rather disgusting), before getting our ice cream. We later headed back to our school, waiting for a photoshoot (funny anecdote, I almost missed the photoshoot because I was sat in the toilet when I heard my classmate shouting ”are we going in now (the photoshoot was in a room which we all had to it outside and wait for), so I hurried as best as I could and then ran to the room, which was locked. After frequently knocking like some sort of maniac I was let in thankfully). Then a bit more time passed, all of the graduates were sat in the cafeteria, waiting to run out (which is also a tradition, you run through your entire school and out, were your family and friends are stood waiting for you), and one after one the classes ran out (my class was the last to run, of couuuurse *sigh*) but omg ,that feeling once you ran, that was the best feeling ever. Like literally, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to beat that. 13 years in school had finally come to an end, and I was happier than ever. (And well, after that our class rode on the back of a truck thru the town, which sounds kinda odd but it’s also a tradition haha). Then we went home, were my family and friends were gathered, and it was so delightful seeing everyone there, having lots of good food and lovely people ❤ And then, once the party had faded I went into town because my school was having a bit of an ”after party” which I attended. All in all; BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!

(Whoops, noticed that got a bit long…. Soz!)


Then, for the rest of the summer I’ve been kinda boring actually. I’ve worked incredibly much (At one point i realized I had worked 6-9 hours every day for 14 days, without a day off.) But I didn’t mind, the people which I worked with were all so lovely! Plus, I got ze cash :3. I also briefly went to see my grandparents who live quite a bit from here, which was very nice 🙂 And went to Bonbon-land in Denmark with my family, and also went to see Iron Maiden with the worlds greatest dad! So all in all, it was a pretty great summer 😉 Admitedly,  it was a bit of a bummer that I didn’t get to hang out with my friends as much :/ But, I got to later during the summer, which I’ll get to in a minute 😉


Because I went to London!! Yup, me and my friend spontaneously went to London for an entire week! And we had the times of our lives! I don’t think I’ll be able to write about everything we did in this post because this post is already so goddamn long, but I might to a separate blogpost tomorrow perhaps, if that might be of interest?

Some of the things we did do nonetheless was to go to the Warner Bros studios, and to Brighton (from which I have several stories to tell you) and looooots of shopping (like srsly, my wallet might’ve cried). (I was planning on perhaps doing a youtubevideo on the things I bought, because it probably way to much to show in a blogpost haha!

And well, at the moment I’m just sat here, unemployed, just trying to make the most of my days whilst trying to find another job, which hasn’t been going to well *cryface*. Oh well, what’cha gonna do.


Anyways, that was probably it for today! Gold star for you if you managed to get through this entire post without falling asleep :3

Have the best of times peeps, and I’ll talk to you soon!

End of teatimes! *clink clink* (oh how I’ve missed that).



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